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Domestic Floor Sanding & Sealing

If the floors in your home are looking dull and lifeless, AJ Flooring are experts in returning them to their former glory. We use industry leading products and machinery to ensure a perfect finish, with minimal disruption to your everyday life.

Whether you have Victorian floorboards, 200 year old elm planks, engineered oak or parquet, we are sure to provide you with a fantastic result.

We can also carry out repairs where necessary to floor boards, parquet or solid wood floors. We use three different finishes for domestic properties:

– Water based polyurethane We recommend this for high traffic areas, such as hallways as it is the easiest finish to maintain for the homeowners.
– Hardwax Oil A fantastic product, providing a natural, warm feel to the floors which are also easily maintainable with recommended products.
– Penetrating Oil A relatively new technology, allowing us to finish your floors with a product that not only sits on the surface but penetrates deep into the wood to provide an extra level of protection and maintainability.
– Staining We can stain your flooring to almost any colour you can imagine, using water-based and oil-based stains to provide you with the exact floor you have been looking for.

Granwood & Gym Floor Sanding

AJ Floor Sanding are specialists in sanding and re-sealing Granwood flooring across the United Kingdom, having over 35 years experience. Granwood flooring consists of composite blocks and are renowned for their durability. However, they do need to be maintained to keep the floor surface in top condition, not only to protect the Granwood blocks but also to provide optimum grip, for those using the floor for sporting activities.

When Does A Granwood Floor Need Refinishing?
Signs that your Granwood floor is need of refurbishment include:
The seal on top is dull, dusty/slippery or has worn away
The floor has been over-sealed with non-compatible seal
Games lines are wearing away or hard to define

Scrub and Seal Service
We can also offer a scrub and seal service, (usually recommended after 2-3 years of wear), which will prolong the life of your floor.

We only use Granwood recommended finishes on Granwood flooring.

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